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I am currently employed by a car dealership that takes automobile photography to the next level. The environment is quick paced and the only post processing is cropping the images down to a 4 x 3 format, so focus and framing are key. Below are two examples of cars I have photographed as well as transitioning images that showcases how I would cut the vehicles out in Photoshop to be used for various purposes.  




In addition to capturing images, I write individual scripts on each of the used vehicles and read them from a teleprompter in front of a green screen. Below is an example of me reading a script I wrote regarding the vehicle rotating on the wheel, and how I would edit myself into the video through Premiere Pro. The large margin of space above is where a logo would be placed in post processing. 

Below are a small portion of images I've taken throughout our building to capture the process of bringing our vehicles to life and the wonderful people behind the scenes to make it all happen.

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